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Registered Office Service

Every company must have a registered office at which official documents can be served (Companies Act 2006 section 86 and this address should be displayed on all business letterheads and order forms of the company (section 82 (1) and (2)).

In the case of a company registered in Scotland the registered office must be located within Scotland. An English address will not be acceptable.

The registered office address need not be the company’s place of business and is often that of a professional or legal advisor or the address of a person who provides company services such as Douglas Company Services Limited.

Official documents such as documents from a court (e.g.: a writ or summons) can be served on a company at its registered office (section 139 (1) and (4)). Also official correspondence is usually sent to the registered office (e.g.: letters from the Inland Revenue or Companies House).

We will make available the following address to be used as the registered office of the company:

SE19 3HF

Please note that this address should not be used for any trading purposes or general correspondence or for any form of advertising. The address is only to be used to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 in relation to official mail and documents.

An annual subscription is charged for the use of the address. All mail is dispatched on the date of receipt.

The service does not include the use of our Fax, Telephone or Email.

To comply with current Money Laundering Regulation requirements, certified copies of passports and proof of address must be provided by the directors in order to use this service.

Annual Fee: £144.00 inc VAT

Company Secretary Service

It is no longer compulsory for a private limited company to appoint a secretary. However a secretary can still be appointed to ensure that many of the company’s statutory obligations, as contained in the Companies Acts 1985 and 2006, are complied with. These are important tasks requiring specialist, up to date knowledge in company law matters.

We can arrange to be appointed as company Secretary to ensure that these statutory requirements are fulfilled, leaving the day to day running of the company to the Directors.

As company Secretary, we can of course, prepare other documentation in respect of changes to the company’s structure as and when they occur. Such matters will include allotment of shares, transfer of shares, reorganization of share capital (e.g.: creating new share classes), appointments and resignations of officers, changes to Memorandum and Articles of Association etc.

To comply with current Money Laundering Regulation requirements, certified copies of passports and proof of address must be provided by the directors in order to use this service.

Secretary Service fees

All prices include VAT and any Companies House fees.

Change of Limited Company Name

We can now change the name of your company in just a few hours. Using our fast electronic filing software (authorised by Companies House) we can submit your change of name directly with no forms or resolutions to complete. In order to do this you must have the Authentication code for the company. If you do not have the code it can be requested from Companies House.

Online change of name £44.00 Guaranteed Same Day online Change of Name: £119.00
(must be ordered by 2pm. Mon-Fri Only)

If you wish to change the name of your company without the Authentication code we can supply a special resolution for the Directors to sign and submit all the relevant paperwork to Companies House. The change of name takes approximately 5 working days to complete once we have received the signed resolution, after which we will send you the Change of Name Certificate.

cost: £76.00

All prices include Companies House fees and VAT